University of Stellenbosch Merit Bursaries 2023-2024

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University of Stellenbosch Merit Bursaries 2023-2024

University of Stellenbosch Merit Bursaries 2023-2024 – See Details Below:

Merit Bursaries
In respect of Senior Merit Bursaries, the criterion used is the weighted average of the exam results for the previous year of study. Senior Merit Bursaries are calculated as a percentage of basic tuition fees (excluding module costs and/or programme cost)*.  As the allocation of these bursaries is an automatic, computerised process, students do not need to submit an application.
*Module cost and/or programme cost, which may include the following: materials fees, laboratory fees, travelling expenses, running costs, programme levy and the membership dues for any faculty-bound, academic societies, as applicable to a programme or module. ​
Senior merit bursaries are awarded to the top 5% per faculty. Qualifying students will receive a rebate of 20% on basic tuition fees (excluding module costs).
Criteria for merit bursaries:
Candidates for senior merit awards shall:

  • be senior undergraduate students of the University
  • be full time students of the University
  • take an appropriate degree programme
  • take the full number of modules prescribed for the year of study concerned
  • obtain a weighted aggregate of not less than 75% over the full academic year of the University (Note – if you studied at another institution and obtained an weighted aggregate of at least 75%, you may be considered for a SU senior merit bursary on a case by case bases)​

Important: The onus rests on the student to verify by June of the specific academic year in which they are entitled to a merit bursary to ensure that it reflects in their student fee account. The student will forfeit their claim to a merit bursary if it does not reflect in their account, and the student failed to notify the Centre by the end of August.

Cancellation or reduction of merit bursaries

US merit bursaries may not be kept in conjunction with an other bursary. The University reserves the right to decrease or cancel the offer accordingly.
The merit bursaries of students who discontinues their studies in the first semester, will be cancelled.
Merit bursaries to students that studied at other institutions
Students who studied at other institutions, do not qualify for First-year Merit Bursaries, but can be considered for Senior Merit Bursaries if their weighted average was 75% or higher. These students should submit their results to the Centre for University of Stellenbosch Merit Bursaries and Loans. ​
​Continuation of Recruitment Bursaries for current students:
Follow this link to view the continuation criteria for current Recruitment Bursary students.
Bursary loans for financially needy students


The University offers tuition loans for students from the missing middle household.

  • Loans for the income group between R350 000 – R600 000 (subject to availability of funds)
  • Households with income between R600 000 – R1 million with two / more children at a tertiary institution are also considered for a 50% tuition fee loan
  • Interest-free loans repayable at the prime interest rate
  • Only the tuition fee is covered by the US Loan (includes registration fee)


Follow the NSFAS link:​

  • “Fully subsidized free higher education and training for poor and working class South Africans” – up to R350 000 household income per year
  • Bursaries are available only for new first-time admitted students to undergraduate studies at public higher education institutions
  • The bursary includes the following study costs: tuition, accommodation and books, cost allowance

​Closing dates for applications:

  • All bursary and loan a​pplications administered by the University: 31 August
  • Last day to submit all documents: ​11 September. No incomplete applications will be considered after this date
  • Private companies have different closing dates for their bursaries. See the Calendar ​​for the particulars.
  • NSFAS Bursary 30 November

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