University of Fort Hare UFH Master of Administration Course

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University of Fort Hare UFH Master of Administration Course

University of Fort Hare UFH Master of Administration Course – see details below:

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Master of Administration (MAdmin) (Alice) (63003) (Two-year programme)

This programme aims at providing graduates, public managers and administrators with the key research skills they need in order to investigate and address the various challenges faced by the public sector in a developing or transitional country context. The programme targets individuals who have research and/or practical experience and who are motivated to investigate, assess and analyse the controversies, challenges and issues associated with the public sector. Graduates from the programme are expected to demonstrate advanced disciplinary knowledge and research competencies that enrich the discipline and offer advanced innovative theoretical and practical applications and solutions to problems faced by the public sector.

See Also:

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Economics: (PGDEcon) 1
2. Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy: (Preliminary)
3. Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy: (PGDipAcc)
4. Master of Commerce: M Com
5. Doctor of Public Administration
6. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Industrial Psychology Stream)
7. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Economics Stream)
8. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Business Management Stream)
9. Bachelor of Commerce Accounting: B Com Acc
10. Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems): B Com (IS) East London Campus
11. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours): B Com (Hons)
12. Bachelor of Administration in Public Administration
13. Bachelor of Administration (Honours): B Admin (Hons) 1
15. Master of Public Administration: MPA
16. Master of Policy Studies: MPS 3
17. Master of Commerce in Development Studies
20. Master of Administration: M Admin
21. Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science Dev): PhD (Social Science Dev)
22. Doctor of Philosophy (in Information Systems)
23. Doctor of Philosophy (in Economics) 3
25. Doctor of Philosophy (in Industrial Psychology) 3
26. Bachelor of Administration Honours: B Admin Hons 3
27. Bachelor of Commerce Honours: Development Studies
28. Advanced Diploma in Accounting bridging (ADA) (bridging programme)
29. Doctor of Commerce – Economics (61500)
30. Bachelor of Social Work
31. Bachelor of Library Studies
32. Master of Commerce in Information Systems
33. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring

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