UFH Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring Course

UFH Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation Course

UFH Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring Course – see details below:

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring and Evaluation (60516


Title of Module

Module Code



Government Wide Monitoring and Evaluation (GWM&E) Policy

Research Methodologies in Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation Indicators and Applications in Government

Report-writing in Monitoring and Evaluation Practice

Monitoring and Evaluation Project











See Also:

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2. Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy: (Preliminary)
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5. Doctor of Public Administration
6. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Industrial Psychology Stream)
7. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Economics Stream)
8. Bachelor of Commerce Generic (Business Management Stream)
9. Bachelor of Commerce Accounting: B Com Acc
10. Bachelor of Commerce (Information Systems): B Com (IS) East London Campus
11. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours): B Com (Hons)
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13. Bachelor of Administration (Honours): B Admin (Hons) 1
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21. Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science Dev): PhD (Social Science Dev)
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26. Bachelor of Administration Honours: B Admin Hons 3
27. Bachelor of Commerce Honours: Development Studies
28. Advanced Diploma in Accounting bridging (ADA) (bridging programme)
29. Doctor of Commerce – Economics (61500)
30. Bachelor of Social Work
31. Bachelor of Library Studies
32. Master of Commerce in Information Systems
33. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Sector Monitoring

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  1. Good evening UFH register or admin
    I would like make an inquiry on your M&E particularly for public service sector that include provincial and national afministrations
    I am qualified REQV 14 educator with junior degree and HDE. Employed by Western Cape Department as educator then Departmental head. Since 2016 July I am in the employ of teachers trade union as executive officer.


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