UWC Department of Medical BioScience 

University of Western Cape UWC Department of Medical BioScience 

UWC Department of Medical BioScience – See Details Below:

In the Medical Biosciences Department we aim at training and developing scientist who will conduct research with a view to reduce the many lifestyle associated diseases. To prepare students, the Medical Biosciences programme teaches students Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Microbiology thereby providing an understanding of the structure and function of the human body, and how the body protects itself against disease.

Career opportunities 

The degree in Medical Bioscience is a formative degree and does not prepare you for a specific profession. The qualification with scientific training in basic medical related sciences provides you with a gateway to further your studies towards different careers. Our graduates work in the food industry, as laboratory assistants and as medical or pharmaceutical reps. You may also want to combine your degree with a relevant diploma in marketing, finance, education, journalism or even in the legal arena. Many students continue with postgraduate studies in Medical Biosciences with a view towards becoming a research scientists or lecturer.

 Medical Bioscientist tend to be people who

  • Are passionate about discovering how the human body functions

  • Relish playing a role solving problems related to lifestyle diseases.

  • Are interested in understanding which and how micro-organisms cause disease in the body

  • Enjoy discovering how the body defends itself against disease.

  • Are logical thinkers and enjoy solving problems

 Skills acquired

  • Understand how the body functions in health and disease.

  • Understand and explain how the structures of the human body relate to its function, and how micro-organisms affect the body.

  • Ability to collect and analyse scientific information

  • Write, analyse and present data effectively.

  • Think critically.

  • Basic and advance laboratory skills.

  • Confidence and self-discipline.


  • B.Sc (Medical Bioscience)

  • B.Sc Honours (Medical Bioscience)

  • M.Sc (Medical Bioscience)

  • Ph.D.

UWC Department of Medical BioScience Contact

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