University of Johannesburg Campus Masterplan

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University of Johannesburg Campus Masterplan

University of Johannesburg Campus Masterplan – See Details Below:

Background to the Campus Master Plan

The University of Johannesburg was formed as a result of the merger between the former Technikon Witwatersrand, Vista University and Rand Afrikaans University on 1st January 2005.  The University consists of a number of faculties and has four campuses in and around Johannesburg with a diverse and multi-cultural community.
The University requires a Campus Master Plan to be prepared to provide it with strategic direction and to act as a guide for future growth and development for the short-, medium- and long-term.  The Campus Master Plan must grow out of the academic vision and mission of the University.
The GAPP Architects and Urban Designers/Julian Elliott Consortium will undertake the development of the Campus Master Plan.

Vice-Chancellor’s Comment

The University continues to make progress in moving beyond the merger and defining itself in terms of its new identity in line with its vision, mission, and core values. The University has achieved another milestone in the work undertaken in the development of the Campus Master Plan, which must facilitate full alignment between physical resource use and planning and the core academic mission of the University. Furthermore, it is a framework to ensure optimal use of resources and effective decision-making around physical resources.
The University comprises 4 campuses and is indeed a diverse community. It also has more than 600 000 square meters of buildings under roof, which includes teaching, research, administration, support, sport, recreational and living space. The Campus Master Plan strives to ensure we make the best of the assets we possess, we balance current effective use with consideration of and planning for future needs, and that informed adjustments and improvements are made to create a physical setting that facilitates rather than hinders the attainment of UJ’s key strategic goals.
Apart from prioritizing the needs for teaching, research and other academic support functions, the Campus Master Plan is also informed by the following imperatives:
  • Enhancement of the quality of student life and realization of preferred student experience.
  • Constant enhancement of the quality of academic life and the enhancement of the academic community at UJ.
  • Integration and a sense of connectedness between different campuses, spheres of activity, and functions within the University.
  • The establishment of an embracing and inclusive institutional culture.

The Steering Committee is in the process of developing a draft in consultation with the service provider; input and feedback from the broader UJ community is now required in order to refine and finalize the plan. ​

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