UKZN School of Applied Human Sciences Courses Offered

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UKZN School of Applied Human Sciences Courses Offered

UKZN School of Applied Human Sciences Courses Offered – Check below:

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Psychological Counselling (Pietermaritzburg Campus)
The primary purpose of the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling is to enable working professionals, particularly those working with children and youth, to undertake advanced reflection and development by means of a systematic survey of current thinking, practice and research methods in an area of specialisation.
The PGDip aims to equip learners with a level of knowledge and skills which will enable registration with the Professional Board of Psychology of the Health Professional Council of South Africa as Psychological Counsellors, including those who may have taken the BA/BSc as a first degree.
Students shall complete the following modules:

  • PSYC621 Fundamentals of Psychological Assessment (16C)
  • PSYC622 Community Interventions (16C)
  • PSYC623 Counselling Psychology: Theory and Practicum (32C)
  • PSYC624 Development Psychology and Applied Psychopathology (16C)
  • PSYC6RM Postgraduate Diploma: Research Methods (16C)
  • PSYC6RS Short Research Project (32C)

Entrance: Undergraduate degree with Psychology major or equivalent and relevant experience.
Subject to selection procedure
Applications for the Diploma Program are now open and will close on the 14th October 2019
Click on the following link to apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in psychologyical Counselling

Honours Programmes
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Criminology & Criminal Justice (CFSD 701 H1)
  • Applied Research Methodology in Criminological Sciences (CFSD 702 H1)
  • Victim Studies (CFSD 703 H2)
  • Applied Forensic Criminology (CFSD 704 H2)
  • Research Paper: Criminology and Forensic Studies (CFSD 7RP) Research project

Contact: Dr Sazelo Mkhize contact: 031-260 1773 email:
Click on the following links to Apply for 2020 Criminology Honours at Howard College only: 
Criminology Honours HC Information (download)
2. 2020 Postgraduate Application Form (download)
3. 2020 Howard College Checklist (download)
Psychology (Howard College Campus)

  • Literature Review with Research Proposal (PSYC 702 HC)
  • Counselling and Therapeutics (PSYC 703 HC)
  • Psychological Assessment (PSYC 704 HC)
  • Neuropsychology (PSYC 705 HC)
  • Psycholopathology (PSYC 706 HC)
  • Psychology of Diversity (PSYC 708 HC)
  • Identities and Work (PSYC 711 HC)
  • Learning-Teaching Praxis (PSYC 713 HC)
  • Social History of Psychology (PSYC 714 HC)
  • Psychological Investigations (PSYC 715 HC)
  • Organisational Studies (PSYC 717 HC)
  • Psychology and Society (PSYC 718 HC)
  • Community Interventions (PSYC 719 HC)
  • Social Psychology (PSYC 720 HC)
  • Psychology and Health Promotions (PSYC 721 HC)
  • Gender and Sexuality (PSYC 722 HC)
  • HIV/AIDS and Service Learning (PSYC 727 HC)
  • Industrial Psychology in Context (PSYC 728 HC)
  • Intro to Narrative Practices in Psycho,logy (PSYC 729 HC)
  • Narrative Lives: Construct Youth Identities (PSYC 730 HC)
  • Trauma in Context (PSYC 731 HC)
  • Research Project: Psychology (PSYC 7RP HY)

Contact: Ms Sbongile Mthembu  031-2602615 email:
Click Here to for Howard College Psychology Honours page in order to download all the Application Documents for 2020

  • Research Fundamentals (PSYC 701 P1)
  • Conceptual Foundations (PSYC 707 P1)
  • Social Topics in Psychology (PSYC 716 PC)
  • Theory of Applied Psychology (PSYC 723 P2)
  • Sociocultural Approaches to Learning (PSYC 724 P2)
  • Counselling Applications (PSYC 725 P2)
  • Mental Health Counseling (PSYC 726 P1)
  • Research Project: Psychology (PSYC 7RP PY)

Contact: Ms Priya Konan 033-2605549 email:
Click Here to for Pmb Psychology Honours page in order to download all the Application Documents for 2020

Bachelor of Social Science


Masters Programmes
  • Advanced Social Work Theory (SOWK 802 HC)
  • Social Policy and Social Development (SOWK 803 HC)
  • Family Therapy Theory (SOWK 811 H1)
  • Family Therapy Practice (SOWK 812 H2)
  • Management in Human Service Organisations (SOWK 815 HC)
  • Research Project: Social Work (SOWK 8RP HC)

Useful Info and Documents click here
Contact: Prof Johannes John-Langba 031-2602792 email:


  • Interventions: Methods and Approaches (PSYC 801 HY)
  • Psychological Practice (PSYC 802 HY)
  • Psychopathology (PSYC 803 HY)
  • Psychological Assessment (PSYC 804 HY)
  • Community interventions (PSYC 805 HY)
  • Ideology and Health (PSYC 811 H1)
  • Theoretical Foundations of Health Promotions (PSYC 812 HY)
  • Planning & Evaluation of HP Inventions (PSYC 813 H2)
  • Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 814 H1)
  • Health Promotion Practice (PSYC 815 HY)
  • Health Promotion and Public Health Law (PSYCH 817 H1)
  • Conflict Resolution (PSYC 861 HC)
  • Individual Counselling Intervention (PSYC 863 HC)
  • Psychological Studies (PSYC 865 HC)
  • Human Resource Development (PSYC 867 HC)
  • Neuropschological Assessment (PSYC 869 H1)
  • Psychological Assessment (Industrial) (PSYC 870 HC)
  • Health Promotion (PSYC 890 H1)

Visit KZN Health Promotion website
Visit https://masters degree in psychology durban howard college applications page
Research Psychology (is offered at Pietermaritzburg Campus.)
Educational, Clinical and Counselling Psychology (all offered on the Pietermaritzburg Campus, while Howard College offers Counselling and Clinical).

Click here useful documents and more info on Masters in Psychology
Research Psychology (Pietermaritzburg Campus.
Educational, Clinical and Counselling Psychology (all offered on the Pietermaritzburg Campus, while Howard College offers Counselling and Clinical).


Bachelor of Social Science

Research Psychology (PMB Campus)

  • Psychological Practice (PSYC 802 PY)
  • Psychopathology (PSYC 803 PY)
  • Psychological Assessment (PSYC 804 PY)
  • Community interventions (PSYC 805 PY)
  • Health Promotion and Public Health Law (PSYC 817 P1)
  • Community Project (PSYC 821 PY)
  • Quantitative Methods (PSYC 822 PC)
  • Qualitative Methods (PSYC 823 PC)
  • Applied Research (PSYC 824 PC)
  • Specialised Module (PSYC 825 PC)
  • Evaluating Research Designs (PSYC 840 PC)
  • Culture Morality & Comparative Ethics (PSYC 842 P2)
  • Professional Ethics in Health Research (PSYC 843 P2)
  • Behaviour and Research (PSYC 845 P2)
  • Ethical issues in HIV Vaccine Trials (PSYC 846 P2)
  • Ethical Issues in Women’s Health Research (PSYC 847 P2)
  • Religion & Ethics in Health Research (PSYC 848 P2)
  • Critical Issues in informed consent (PSYC 849 P2)
  • Philosophy for Health Researches (PSYC 850 PC)
  • Introduction to Bioethics (PSYC 851 PC)
  • Institutionalising Ethical Review of Hlth Res (PSYC 852 PC)
  • Human Rights for Health Researchers (PSYC 853 PC)
  • Introduction to Health Law and Health Research (PSYC 854 PC)
  • Ethical issues in intn Collaborative Hlth Res (PSYC 855 P2)
  • Children and Health Research (PSYC 856 P2)

PhD Programmes

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