UFH Department of Theology Undergraduate Courses

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UFH Department of Theology Undergraduate Courses

UFH Department of Theology Undergraduate Courses – see the list of undergraduate courses offered at the department…



TET 111 Introduction to Christian Ethics

Purpose: An appreciation of the relevance of Christianity, especially its morals, in the current South African situation
Contents:  Consideration of selected ethical issues and problems from a Christian perspective; Christian ethics as relating to human rights, the socio-economic processes and the political order

TET 311 Morality in Christianity and Africa: a creative encounter

Purpose:   Learners acquire the potential to formulate and apply ethical insights gained from the creative encounter between Christian and African morality to a variety of different moral issues in South Africa today
Contents:  Religion and ethics: Inter religious dialogue and the role of values within society; The relation between religion and ethics; theological ethics; Case study: e.g. an Old Testament perspective on e.g. capital punishment and abortion; Human sexuality: body and identity: A comparative study of sexuality in biblical times and contemporary society; Investigation of the function of body and sexuality in constructing identity today; Exploring ethical dimensions in/of human sexuality today; Economic ethics: Biblical perspectives on economic ethics (Hebrew prophets on land and economic order, guidelines from legal traditions and wisdom literature, New Testament considerations); Investigating underlying value assumptions in the dominant -and conflicting – Western and traditional African economic approaches and testing the newer idea of a social market economy; Major theories on distributive justice and problems with its South African application (e.g. land, affirmative action, worker participation in economic decision making);
Environment and technology: Survey of the beliefs concerning the relationship to and use of the material held by Modern Western society, Christian traditions, African Traditional beliefs, Hinduism and Islam; Contrast between first and third world attitudes to the environment and critique of the belief on dominion over the environment from a Christian perspective; Is a sustainable relationship to the environment possible and desirable?

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TCH111 History of African Christianity

Purpose:   Learners are to identify general trends in the history of African Christianity
Contents:  African Christianity in the Medieval period; Renewal of mission East and Central Africa; West Africa; West Central Africa; Northern Africa; Independent Black Africa: Church, State and Society

TCH121 African Christianity in Antiquity

Purpose: Learners are required to identify challenges facing the church in the wider context of the period (social, political, economic, cultural, religious)
Contents: The Jewish Diaspora in Africa, with special reference to Alexandria; Egyptian Gnosticism; Catechetical School of Alexandria: Pantaenus, Clement, Origen; Arian Controversy and Athanasius; Coptic Christianity; Persecution in Africa; Monasticism; Monophysite churches; Tertullian and Montanism; The Donatist Church; Augustine; Early history of Islam; Relevant issues in the interpretation of Scripture

TCH211 Reformation as Process (semper reformanda)

Purpose:   Learners are required to identify key issues in the Reformation period (socio/politico/theological) and engage in critical discourse on these issues
Contents:  Tradition of Christian diversity; Scripture, tradition and authority; Doctrinal debate; Externals of Protestantism and Roman Catholicism; Priesthood and ministry; Reformation and mission; Church and worship; Intolerance and exclusivism; Ecumenism; Reformation and secular society

TCH221 History of Christianity in South Africa in the Twentieth Century

Purpose:   Learners are to acquire the ability to discuss at an academic level the relevant socio/politico/theological issues of the period under study
Contents:  Expansion of Christianity (second half nineteenth century); Impact of discovery of gold; Christianity, imperialism and colonial warfare; Role of African clergy; African Initiated Churches; Establishment of local churches; Segregation and apartheid; South African Council of Churches/Church Unity Commission; Black consciousness and Black Theology; Study of significant documents of the period; Use of the Bible in African Theology

TCH311 Revivals, Revolutions and Missions

Purpose:   Learners are to demonstrate the relationship between development in Europe and the missionary enterprise as a prelude to modern African Christian history Content: The ‘Enlightenment’ and Deism; Relevant issues in the interpretation of Scripture; German Pietism; The Evangelical Revival and early Methodism; The rise of ‘Liberal Theology’ in Germany; The Scottish Church scene in the nineteenth century; The life and work of Tiyo Soga and other notable Africans; The Roman Catholic Church in the 18th and 19th centuries; The rise of the missionary movement; Industrialism and the Social Gospel

TCH321 Modern Christian History

Purpose: Learners will identify challenges facing Christianity in the contemporary world and discuss how these may be resolved
Content: The Ecumenical Movement; The Church under totalitarian regimes; Theological developments in Europe; Twentieth century Roman Catholic Christian history; he development of liberation theologies; Relevant issues in the interpretation of Scripture

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