UFH Department of Economics Postgraduate Courses

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University of Fort Hare UFH Department of Economics Postgraduate Courses

UFH Department of Economics Postgraduate Courses – see the list of postgraduate programs offered at the Department of Economics…


Postgraduate degree programmes in economics are offered at three different levels. These are a taught honours economics programmes, a master’s economics programme by dissertation research and a doctoral economics programme by thesis research.

 1.5.1    Economics Honours

Economics Honours is offered on full–time basis at both the Alice and East London Campuses. Learners can specialise either in the General or Transport Economics Stream at the Alice Campus or in the Financial Markets Stream at the East London Campus, subject to approval. No matter which of the three streams is chosen, the Honours programme will be invaluable to those wishing to broaden and deepen their understanding of various economics issues and / or pursue a career in the Corporate- or Government governance, Transport, Business and Enterprise, or any other areas requiring applied research. Admission Requirements for Honours

A candidate should have obtained an average of 60% and above for all the Economics 3 modules to be admitted to the honours programme. Additionally the HOD or a designate may require an applicant to have a personal interview to determine the suitability of the candidate for the honours degree.

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The degree curriculum consists of a mini dissertation on a topic to be chosen from the field of specialisation, a set of compulsory and elective modules to be taken over a year. The details of the degree curriculum are as follows:

CURRICULUM- General Economics Stream, 60502 (Alice Campus)


Core Modules (80 Credits)                 Credits                   Electives (48 Credits) Three of:                                       Credits

Mini‑Dissertation                                 32                           Monetary Economics                                                         16

Microeconomics                                  16                           MathematicalEconomics                                                   16

Macroeconomics                                 16                           Contemp. Intern’l Trade Theory & Policy                      16

Econometric  Techniques                  16                           PublicFinance                                                                       16

LabourEconomics                                                               16

DevelopmentalEconomics                                                16

Environmental&ResourceEconomics                             16

Industrial Economics                                                          16

Eco. Develop. of the SA Economy in the 20thC            16

InternationalFinance                                                          16


CURRICULUM- Transport Economics Stream, 60512 (Alice Campus)


Core Modules                                       Credits                   Electives                                                                Credits

80 credits                                                                              16 credits (Choose 1 of the following courses)

Mini‑ Dissertation                               32                           Contemp.Intern’lTradeTheory&Policy                           16

Microeconomics                                  16                           Eco.Develop.oftheSAEconomyinthe20thC                    16

Macroeconomics                                 16                           Industrial Economics                                                          16

Econometric Techniques                   16           PublicFinance16

32credits(2ndsemester)                                                       DevelopmentalEconomics                                                16

Transport Economics                          16                           International Finance                         16

Environmental & Resources Eco     16                           Monetary Economics                                                         16


CURRICULUM- Financial Markets Stream, 60511 (East London Campus)



Core Modules                                       Credits                   Additional Modules                                                            Credits

80 credits                                                                              64 credits             

Mini‑Dissertation                                 32                           Monetary Economics                                                          16

Microeconomics                                  16                           Debt Markets                                                                       8

Macroeconomics, Policy & FM        16                           Equity Markets                                                                    8

Econometric Techniques                   16                           Financial Economics                                                          8

Foreign Exchange Markets                                               8

Derivative Markets                                                             8

Financial Market Micro structure & Regulation           8


NB: Not all of the abovementioned compulsory and optional modules in the Honours course structure are offered in any given year. The availability of options depends on teaching arrangements in the Department. Learners are advised to enquire before registering.

Learners who specialize in transport economics and or financial markets will be required to write their mini dissertations on a topic in the relevant field of specialization. These learners may benefit from a capacity development sponsorship of the National Department of Transport or Bankseta whichever is applicable (subject to meeting the qualifying criteria).


Masters of Commerce – Economics (60016) and Doctor of Commerce – Economics (61500)

Both Master’s and Doctoral Degree programmes in Economics by dissertation/thesis are offered at both campuses. These programmes are intended for learners who have the ability to do research independently in an approved area of specialization, under supervision of qualifying staff.  It is stipulated that prospective applicants into these programmes will submit a brief research proposal for acceptance to the Head of Department/post graduate coordinator after which a supervisor(s) will be allocated.

Entry Requirements:

For the Masters level a 4-year Bachelors/ Honors degree in Economics is required. For the PhD programme a Masters degree with a pass mark of not less than 60% for the major courses (in the case of coursework Masters) or a good Masters and evidence of scholarly contribution in the case of a research Masters. Submission of synopsis in the area of research is a prerequisite for admission.


Knowledge of Economics is useful for a career in finance, industry, commerce and public administration and is invaluable to anyone interested in understanding the forces underlying social, political and economic change in South Africa, Africa and beyond. Training in Economics today is an increasingly valuable employment qualification in both the public and private sectors. Companies need people who can see the “big picture”. Economists are sought after in many spheres of business and are especially important to large industry.

Economics is not just useful to those who aim to achieve in the business world; it is useful for everyday activities, such as understanding why the price of petrol is consistently increasing despite the attempts made by government to reduce it, etc.

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