UFH Department of Business Management Postgraduate Courses

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UFH Department of Business Management Postgraduate Courses

UFH Department of Business Management Postgraduate Courses – see the list of postgraduate programs offered at the UFH Department of Business Management…


The Degree of Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Business Management) advances students’ knowledge of research, as well as focusing on advancing their knowledge and experience in different areas of business.

The degree serves to address the following objectives:

  • Advance study in Business Management – especially in the areas as outlined in the modules below
  • Provide students with advanced understanding of research and how to conduct it
  • Prepare students for future positions of leadership
  • Develop students’ abilities in terms of teamworking, presentation and communication skills

The degree comprises of 128 credits.  Students must complete a research methodology module (32 credits), and must submit a mini-dissertation (32 credits).  In addition, students must elect two other modules of study from the list below. The degree is offered at both the East London and Alice campuses on a full-time basis over a one year period.

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Students must choose TWO of the following modules:

BEC522/E – Advanced strategic management

BEC513E – Advanced marketing management

BEC524/E – Advanced financial management

BEC525 – Advanced operations management

BEC527 – Entrepreneurship and small business management


Masters and Doctoral degrees

Masters and Doctoral degrees are offered by dissertation (i.e. 100% research) for students who possess good written and analytical skills.  The purpose is to enable students to become independent researchers in the field of Business Management. A rigorous recruitment and selection process is undertaken annually to ensure that our department attracts only the best postgraduate students. Successful masters and doctoral candidates will provide novel and original research to the existing body of knowledge in the discipline.

Students are required to undertake a comprehensive review of the relevant literature pertaining to the chosen field of study within the broad scope of Business Management.  A research proposal is then prepared and submitted to the research committee of the Faculty. Once accepted, the student can proceed with conducting the research and writing up the full dissertation.

The qualifications are offered on both East London and Alice campus over two to three years for Masters and over three to five years for doctorates. Please see the Faculty prospectus for specifics regarding admissions criteria.



The Department is dynamic and growing in its ability to supervise and publish research and a large majority of our staff members have doctorates. We had our first intake of doctoral students in 2019 and are continuing to grow our publication and supervision records.


The general focus of the department is Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Leadership, strategy and general management.

Specific themes:

Social Media: Prof Elliott, Dr Viljoen, Prof Chinyamurindi
Entrepreneurship,Social Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management : Prof Elliott, Dr Rungani, Dr Chimucheka, Prof Oni
Ethics: Prof Elliott; Dr Viljoen
Mindfulness in organizations: Ms Ford; Prof Elliott
Finance management and Venture capital: Prof Oni; Dr Rungani,
Marketing and  E-Commerce: Prof Elliott; Prof Oni; Dr Viljoen
Human Resources and organizational behaviour Prof Chinyamurindi; Dr Chimucheka; Dr Puchert; Ms Ford
Leadership and Strategy Prof Chinyamurindi; Dr Chimucheka; Dr Puchert; Prof Oni; Ms Ford
Recruitment and retention Dr Puchert

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