College of Cape Town for TVET Application Form 2022 – 2023

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College of Cape Town for TVET Application Form 2022 – 2023

College of Cape Town for TVET Application Form 2022 – 2023 – Download:

As a leading provider of Education and Training in mainly the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) band, the College of Cape Town has much to offer students and prospective partners as an alternative to General Education and Training.  Their courses lead to recognised, accredited qualifications that are in high demand by commerce and industry.

College of Cape Town for TVET Online Application Procedure

The College of Cape Town for TVET Admission Form for 2022 – 2023 for the Academic year is Out. Please apply for this admission intake before the College of Cape Town for TVET Application Closing Date.

Before you proceed to application, Click on the links Below for information:

College of Cape Town for TVET Admission Requirements
College of Cape Town for TVET Fees Structure

How to Apply at College of Cape Town

1) First of all, Select the Course you want to study
2) Complete the application form.
3) Once completed in full, attach a certified copy of your I.D, proof of address as well as a copy of your matric results/last grade passed.
4) Return the application form using any of these methods:

  • Return it to the address indicated.
  • Fax it to the number indicated.
  • Return it to the relevant campus where the course you are applying for is offered.

5) You will then receive an SMS acknowledging receipt of your application.
6) You will be contacted about any further steps you’d need to take. This could include interviews, tests and assessments related to your field of study.
7) You will be provided with a letter of acceptance or a letter of provisional acceptance.
8) You’ll receive a student number and be invited to register on a specific date.
9) The final stage will be completed on campus on the assigned date.

Code Used On The College of Cape Town for TVET Application Form

Please select the applicable code from this list and enter it in the relevant field when completing your Student Application Form.

Afrikaans A
English B
IsiNdebele C
Sepedi D
SiSwati E
Xitsonga F
Tshivenda G
Setswana H
IsiXhosa I
Sesotho K
Other M
IsiZulu J
Sign language L


White 1
Coloured 2
Indian 3
African 4
Other 5


University Student 01
Unemployed 16
Employed 15
Other 08
Grade 12 Learner 09
Grade 11 Learner 10
Grade 10 Learner 11
Grade 9 Learner 12
College of Cape Town 13
Other TVET College 14
Foreign Education 17

CODE FOR DISABILITIES                             CODE

Attention Deficit Disorder 01
Autistic Spectrum Disorders 02
Behavioural Disorder 03
Blindness 04
Cerebral Palsy 05
Deafness 06
Deaf-Blindness 07
Epilepsy 08
Hard of Hearing 09
Mild/Moderate Intellectual Disability 10
Moderate/Severe Intellectual Disability 11
Partial Sight/Low Vision 12
Physically Disabled 13
Severe Intellectually Disabled 14
Specific Learning Disability 15
Psychiatric Disorder 16


1. This is an application only.
If your application is successful you will be invited to Register. You become a student of the College of Cape Town only once they have issued an official proof-of-registration printout. Incomplete applications or those not accompanied by all the required documentation will not be processed.
2. POPI declaration (Protection of Personal Information Act)
Where required in terms of national policies the College must, and will, share your personal information. In particular your data will be shared with national departments such as the Department of Higher Education (DHET) and with prospective Work Placement host employers. Your details may also be shared with external partners of the College in order to provide additional services to students. The College is unable to avoid this.


ITS Biographical Data and Legal Agreement

Dear Applicant
As an applicant who is not a South African citizen you have some legal requirements that you must comply with before the College may consider you as a possible student. Please pay careful attention to each step, do not leave any steps out and ensure that you start the process early.

The College of Cape Town is not able to evaluate foreign qualifications. All applications for such evaluations should be addressed to the SA Qualifications Authority (SAQA), which has statutory responsibility. Applicants must satisfy SAQA’s conditions, including payment of their fees, which are generally made known via their web site ( SAQA may amend their requirements from time to time and the latest requirements should always be obtained from them prior to requesting an evaluation. However, as a general guide they are known to require the following:

  • All qualification documents, i.e. the highest school certificate issued by the official examining body.
  • Complete and legible transcripts of academic records in respect of all other qualifications, together
    with the final certificates.
  • Preceding qualifications leading to any other advanced qualification where the latter is submitted.
  • Certificates in foreign languages should be submitted together with translations into English by a sworn translator.
  • The relevant evaluation fees.

It can take quite some time for foreign qualifications to be evaluated, depending on the amount of research that SAQA need to undertake. Such evaluations should be requested well ahead of the deadline for enrollment, in order to ensure that the information is available to the College when processing the application. If the SAQA evaluation of foreign qualifications is not available at the time that the application for registration is processed by the College, the application will be summarily declined.


Some of our courses have further admission criteria set by the Academic Board. These may include tests of co-ordination or dexterity, or of academic abilities in subjects such as mathematics and English language. Since a study permit will only be issued by the authorities once you have already been admitted as a student, courses requiring special pre-testing may therefore not be accessible to the majority of foreign students. It is therefore extremely important for you to contact the academic department concerned to obtain clarity about admission criteria before you start the process of application.
The language policy of the College directs that all official correspondence will be in English.

When you submit your application you must submit a copy of your passport, your qualifications in the original languages, the English translations and a copy of the successful SAQA evaluation.

  1. Applications must have all of the required accompanying documentation otherwise they will not be processed.
  2. We cannot process Registration documents that have not been signed. If you are under 18 years old at the time of signing you must be assisted by your guardian.

kindly contact the university for more information on how to apply thank you:

Contact Address:

334 Albert Road Salt River,
Cape Town
South Africa
PO Box 1053
Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
+27 (0) 21 404 6700
+27 (0) 86 010 3682


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