Waterberg TVET College Mahwelereng Campus

Waterberg TVET College Mahwelereng Campus

Waterberg TVET College Mahwelereng Campus – See Details Below:

The Business Studies Centre (preciously known as Mahwelereng Campus) is situated in Mahwelereng township. This campus is a show piece of attention to effective maintenance and organization. The name of the centre explains the type of programmes being offered at this centre. All business-related programmes are being offered here. The construction of a Simulation centre for practical training makes this centre a state of the art facility to study. The NCV and Report 191 programmes, are making use of the Simulation Centre for practical training.

Simulation Centre

simulation/practical training is as close as possible to the real thing, but no money and no actual products/services change hands. The simulated economy results in a natural flow of typical business operations. This ensures that students must respond to the external or incoming communications (e.g. paying an account or processing and order). They must also generate internal operations (e.g. processing salary slips, engage in marketing activities, pay over unemployment insurance funds (UIF) and pay-as-you-earn taxation (PAYE) amount to avoid penalties) to ensure the continued existence of the business.

Benefits of the Simulation Centre for students are

  • Skills orientated training
  • Learning by doing
  • Work-ready for work
  • Applying classroom theory
  • Gain entrepreneurial skills
  • Better equipped for the working environment
  • Development of key skills e.g. teamwork, communication skills, crisis management, decision making etc.

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