University of the Free State UFS Exam Results 2022

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University of the Free State UFS Exam Results 2022

University of the Free State UFS Exam Results – How to Check your results:

Exam results and financial information (SMS query system)

The University of the Free State offers an SMS service to its students which provides access to exam results and financial information.

How to register for the SMS service
1.Dial *120*837#
2. Press “Answer” and type in your student number
3. Press Send”
4. Press “Answer” and type in your ID number
5. Press Send”
6. Press “Answer” and type in your choice: Yes OR No
7. Press “Send”
You are now registered for the SMS service. To access your information, press “Answer” and type in 00 (zero, zero).
How to access exam results
Dial *120*837#
The following menu will be displayed:
1. Exam Results
2. Finance
3. Change Student
Press “Answer” and type in “1”
Press “Send”
Press “Answer” and type in your choice of year and month.
Your exam results will be displayed. Press “Answer” and type in 00 (zero, zero) to return to the menu.
How to access financial information

  • Dial *120*837#
  • The following menu will be displayed:
    • 1. Exam Results
    • 2. Finance
    • 3. Change Student
  • Press “Answer” and type in “2”

Your financial information will be displayed. Press “Answer” and type in 00 (zero, zero) to return to the menu.

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One thought on “University of the Free State UFS Exam Results 2022

  1. Kwame Owusu

    The list for 2021 academic year UFS graduation date is not found. You will send the list for the dates & events for the Graduation. You will publish the December 2020 Graduation date.
    The Application for the following Accounting Programme is the Completion for Graduation.
    3.0 Doctor Ph.D for Cost Accounting
    2.0 Bachelor of Financial Accounting
    1.0 Bachelor of Accounting
    The End.
    Ph.D Candidate
    Dr Kwame Owusu
    Former Name:Riddick Kwame Owusu-Acheaw
    Student Number :2007091297
    Center for Accounting
    Unversity of the Free State UFS
    South Africa


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