University of the Free State Residences and Accommodation

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University of the Free State UFS Residences and Accommodation

University of the Free State Residences and Accommodation – Check below:
Junior Residences
A strong and healthy residence spirit characterises student life on the campus.  Nowhere else in the country does a campus accommodate so many students in residences in such close proximity as on our campus.  This ensures a wonderful campus spirit that is unique to being a Kovsie.
Living in any of our residences on the campus is a wonderful experience, as each residence has developed a strong residence spirit over the years.  Great traditions have been developed, which come to the fore strongly in several areas and make a considerable contribution to the colourful campus life.  This camaraderie lives on among former students, and reunions are held regularly to strengthen the bonds.
Each residence constantly endeavours to maintain a sound balance between academic work and fun and games.  An amount is divided annually among the residences that perform the best with regard to academics, sport, culture, and diversity.
A Residence Head is in charge of each residence (including city residences).  The Residence Head is assisted by a Prime and a Residence Committee (RC), which are separately and jointly responsible for the orderly and civilised management of the residence.  They also ensure that residence rules are complied with, and accept responsibility for everything that occurs in the residence.
Furthermore, the Residence Head fulfils the role of substitute parent, serves as contact person for the parent, and looks after the interests and education of each individual first-year student in his/her residence.
The Junior Residences available for ladies are

The Junior Residences available for men are

Co-ed Residences available for men and ladies

The Junior Residences possess the following facilities

  • Electronic access at residences
  • Double and single rooms furnished with a cupboard, bed, desk, chair, and bookshelf
  • Communal bathrooms
  • Kitchenettes situated in passages
  • Computer rooms with computers
  • Intranet points at each bed
  • Fridges can be kept in rooms
  • Communal laundry and ironing rooms – free of charge
  • Reception area (where first-year students are on duty)
  • Entrance hall with ablution facilities for visitors
  • Gazellie – for residence meetings and other activities
  • Men’s gazellie in ladies’ residences – for receiving visitors
  • TV room
  • RC room
  • Public phones
  • Some junior residences have undercover or basement parking
  • Courtyard
  • Residence Heads living on the premises at all the ladies’ and men’s residences.

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