University of Stellenbosch Postgraduate Application Forms 2021

University of Stellenbosch Postgraduate Application Forms 2021 – 2022

University of Stellenbosch Postgraduate Application Forms Download – see details below to download application form to apply …

1. READ UP on all the programmes we offer at Stellenbosch University.

2. MAKE SURE that you understand the admission and selection requirement for the different faculties.

3. CHECK the closing dates.


Start your online application.

Get your username (student number) and 8-digit password.

Complete the online form.

Submit the application form when you’re done.

Make sure you understand your faculties’ specifications for the NBTs

For more information and/or to make a booking to write the NBT’s please visit

Kindly check the links below before your proceed:


1. Certified copies of the original qualification documents, as specified in the table below, must be provided. Please take note of the following regarding your documents:
1.1 Copies of your original academic documents, which must be stamped and signed by the awarding school or institution, notary public, or a Commissioner of Oaths (e.g. attorney or diplomatic official) must be provided. If you go to the police station or the Post Office, a Commissioner of Oaths must certify your documents. No police or post office stamps will be accepted.
1.2 No online results obtained from self-serving portals or password protected documents will be accepted.
1.3 Electronic copies provided should be clear and legible (not blurred, cropped or obscured). Only pdf and jpeg format will be accepted. University of Stellenbosch Undergraduate Application Forms

2. Stellenbosch University reserves the right to request original and additional supporting documentation should this be deemed necessary at any point. University of Stellenbosch Postgraduate Application Forms

3. Your signed contract, your application documents (e.g. your grade 11 results) as well as proof of payment (if applicable) should be uploaded online at your Application Status before the closing date. If you apply with a hard copy application, you should include all the required documents with your application.

4. If we do not receive all your documents by the closing date, your application will unfortunately not be considered.

5. It remains your responsibility to make sure that the University receives these documents in time. You can monitor your Application Status to ensure that your application is complete. Use your username (student number) and official SUN-password to sign in.


​1. Signed Stellenbosch University contract (please print out, sign and upload). No electronic signatures accepted.

2. Proof of permanent residency, refugee or asylum seeker status (Not applicable to South African citizens).

3. Student support form (students with disabilities who need additional support).

4. Additional faculty specific documents (If applicable):

documentation is not compulsory for the 2021 application)
Portfolio requirements for BA (Visual Arts)
Selection form for BA Drama and Theatre Studies
5. Proof of payment (R100 non-refundable application fee)

South African citizens only;
Not applicable to applicants from quantile 1 to 3 schools. Quantile 1 to 3 schools are schools who are identified by the Department of Basic Education as schools situated in disadvantage environments.
Read more about payment options on or contact our Client Centre Service on 021 808 9111 /


Currently in final school year:

South African school system: Final grade 11 results as per the Department of Education guidelines.

International school system: Grade 11 results as well as final-year school subjects with levels

Also note:
– Applicants enrolled in a foreign (international) school system, for example International Baccalaureate (IB) or a USA High School Diploma, must apply using grade 11 (pre-final year) results.
– You should supply a list of subjects taken in the final year of school (grade 12 /13) with levels for the official subjects and predicted results (confirmed by the school).
– Please note, however, that applicants from the Cambridge school system do not need to provide the predicted results for the final year subjects. They still need to provide the list of subjects and indicate the level they are taking them in their final year, for Exemption purposes.
– To make sure you meet the requirements for Matriculation Exemption, please visit the Universities South Africa’s website for more information on Matriculation Exemption.

Completed final school year

University of Stellenbosch Application Forms

South African school system: National Senior Certificate (NSC) or IEB / Statement of symbols of final school results.

International school system: Final school results from International Curriculum (Cambridge International, International Baccalaureate, etc.), including School of Tomorrow.

Additional subjects or rewrites (all school systems): If you have completed additional subjects or rewrote subjects (or are busy rewriting the subjects this year), please include the subjects and grades.

If you follow the international school system, also note:
– Cambridge applicants must also include IGCSE or O level or GCSE certificates.
– If you complete your schooling in an international school system, you must meet the requirements set by Universities South Africa (USAf) for Matriculation Exemption for that system by the time you come to register.
– To determine whether you meet the requirements, please see: and select the relevant country’s information.
– Applicants following the American system must provide the necessary exemption documents as per the USAf website at
– It is normally only possible to apply for a formal certificate of University Exemption during your first year of registration so you might not yet have it available when you come to register for the first time. You will, however, be able to register, provided that you do qualify for Matriculation Exemption.

Currently enrolled for first year at a tertiary institution (excluding Stellenbosch University qualifications):

• Final school-leaving results (See “completed final school year”)
• Proof of registration in first year when no academic transcript is not yet available

Currently enrolled at a tertiary institution (excluding Stellenbosch University qualifications):

• Final school-leaving results (See “completed final school year”)
• Proof of registration, including a list of subjects you are enrolled for with provisional grades if available at the time of application
• Full academic transcript for each academic year completed, including grades

Please note that online results obtained from self-service portals will not be accepted.

Tertiary academic qualifications completed (excluding Stellenbosch University qualifications):

Include final school-leaving results where applicable
• Relevant certificates PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades
• Diploma(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades
• B degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades
• Honours degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades
• Master’s degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades (where applicable)
• Doctoral degree certificate(s) PLUS full academic transcript for each year of enrolment, including grades (where applicable)

If you have obtained a qualification outside of the South African Higher Education system and your final degree certificate is not available when you apply, please provide us with official proof that you have completed the qualification. Please note that the proof of completion should not be older than five years from the date on which the degree was conferred. For South African Higher Education Institutions, proof of completion should not be older than one year.


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