UFH Department of Political Science Postgraduate Courses

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UFH Department of Political Science Postgraduate Courses

UFH Department of Political Science Postgraduate Courses – see the list of postgraduate courses offered at the department…


Postgraduate Courses

Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Political Science

Learners are expected to take four compulsory modules (POL509, POL511, POL513, POL524) and one elective (POL526 or POL528).

POL511Epistemology and Research Methods in the Political Sciences

Purpose:  Learners to undertake an advanced study of the epistemological and methodological problems in the social sciences generally and in political studies in particular. (This is a compulsory module for Political Science Honours learners.)

Contents: Epistemology, including philosophy of science; research designs; selecting, planning and proposing a research project.

POL513 Comparative Politics

                             Purpose: To classify and compare various political systems.

Contents: Theoretical problematising of political systems and processes in different contexts; examination and comparison of approaches and perspectives; comparative analysis of different systems.

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POL524 Political Economy

                           Purpose: To analyse, according to different theoretical perspectives, issues relating to the global political economy, viz. the emergence of a global political economy and Africa’s location within it.

                           Contents: The state, transnational organizations and corporations, and international institutions; from classical theory to neoliberalism in a “new world order”; Africa in the global political economy.

POL526 International Relations of African States

Purpose: Learners to become deeply acquainted with and gain greater knowledge in respect of the African regional order and its various elements: actors; ends and means of foreign policy; war and the search for peace; poverty and the search for wealth and justice

Contents:  The relations of African States with one another and with the major external powers; decolonisation and Pan-Africanism; The African regional order; The formation and operation of the African Union (AU); Boundary conflicts external intervention in Africa.

POL 528  Ethnicity and the Politics of Nationality in Africa

Purpose: To offer an advanced study of the problems of ethnicity and nationality in sub-Saharan Africa.

Contents: Historical and contemporary approaches to ethnicity and nationalism. Nationality theory, federalism; population, labour and culture; the economy, stability and development; politicization of ethnicity.

POL 509 Research Project

Purpose: To enable a learner to undertake a research project upon which a Report of no fewer than 50 pages and no more than 70 pages must be submitted for external examination.

Contents: The topic for the project must be chosen in consultation with the Department. The Report must show clearly that the learner is able to apply research methods in the Political Sciences.

Entrance requirements

Honours: Undergraduate degree with 65% pass in final year in Political Science / International Relations

Masters and Doctoral degrees

Entrance requirements: 

Masters: Honours in Political Science/ International Relations or closely related speciality, with 60% pass at Honours level.

Masters and Doctoral Degrees are only by research and are offered to suitable candidates.

Research topics for these higher degrees are chosen in consultation with the Head of the Department and are subject to final approval by the Faculty Research and Higher Degrees Committee.

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