North West University NWU Undergraduate Assessment 2022

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North West University NWU Undergraduate Assessment 2022 – 2023

North West University NWU Undergraduate Assessment 2022 – See Details Below:

Assessment of undergraduate modules

Examiners and moderators

For every undergraduate module there is at least one internal examiner and at least one internal moderator.

Every exit-level undergraduate module is moderated externally by a person with the required qualifications, which for undergraduate qualifications must be at least one NQF level higher than the degree that is being moderated, provided that such a person may not be a staff member or otherwise connected to the university by way of an extraordinary appointment.

Faculty rules must specify whether only the examination results in a programme must be subjected to external moderation or if other summative assessment components must also be moderated externally.

External moderators are recommended for appointment by the academic director concerned and approved by the faculty board.

An external moderator is required to mark at least ten percent of the examination scripts for each paper written and to do random checks of at least twenty percent of examination scripts for each paper.

Where less than fifty students submitted examination scripts, at least ten scripts must be marked by the external moderator, and, in cases where less than ten students submitted examination scripts, all the examination scripts must be marked by the external moderator.

An external moderator is required to comment on the validity of the assessment instruments, the quality of student performance and the standard of student attainment, the reliability of the marking process, and any concerns or irregularities with respect to the observation of institutional and, where applicable, professional regulations.

External moderation of exit-level undergraduate modules must be conducted at least every two years for contact programmes, and at least every three years for distance programmes.

Where a programme is offered in both the contact and distance modes of delivery, external moderation of its exit-level modules must be conducted at least every two years.

If required by statutory councils, professional bodies or faculty rules, external moderation may occur more regularly.

Allocation of pass mark in a first semester first-year module

Notwithstanding the provisions of rule, an executive dean may, in consultation with the academic director concerned, allocate a pass mark of 50% to a first-time entering undergraduate student in one first-year first semester module where the student achieved a final module mark of no less than 40% and an examination mark of at least 50%.

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